The Woods Inn


148 Route 28
Inlet, NY 13360

Snowmobilers welcome! The Woods Inn offers year round accomodations and plenty of room to park snowmobiles and trailers during the winter.

Originally built in 1894 and restored in 2004, the Woods Inn has served as a mountain retreat on the shore of Fourth Lake in Inlet for generations of visitors.  

The Woods Inn offers 20 uniquely different rooms, Adirondack guide tents, and a handicapped-accessible room. All rooms are inviting, comfortable, and woodsy. The down comforters, the quiet of no phones or TV in the rooms, and the Great Camp furnishings will make you feel like you're in another era. The new comfy mattresses and the modern bathrooms will feel very 21st century.

The Woods Inn also boasts a dining room where breakfast and dinner are served daily.  You'll also find the Laughing Loons Tavern on site for a quick bite or good drink.

* 2022 Paid Member of the Inlet Area Business Association.



Accessible car parking onsite available at the venue.
Accessible Van Parking.
Service Animal relief area.
Accessible check in or service counter or window that is 36" high maximum or with a lowered section for wheelchair access.
Special programs available specific to mobility needs.
Accessible outdoor seating areas.
Accessible outdoor tables.
Accessible indoor seating available throughout the venue, including in/near main lobby.
Level access/ramp/lift at entrance.
Entrance at least 32" wide.
Stall/bathroom has faucet control and soap and paper towel dispensers within reach for a wheelchair user.
Unisex/companion bathroom.
Accessible bathroom.
At least one side of the bed with 36" space to maneuver.
Lever door handles.
Low peep hole.
In-room controls/amenities (door locks, thermostat, power outlets, light switches, closet rods) within reach range (15” - 48” maximum).
Shower compartment have grab bars on the back wall and one of the sidewalls.
Fixed or fold-down bench attached to the second side wall (wall that doesn’t have grab bars).
Shower controls/ spray unit located on the back wall adjacent to the bench/seat so they are within easy reach while the seat is being used.
Spray unit allows for the shower to be used both as a fixed-position showerhead and as a hand-held shower.
Shower compartment has a grab bar(s) on the control wall where the shower controls and spray unit are mounted and extending 18 inches onto the back wall.
Shower compartment has a fixed or fold-down bench attached to the wall across from the control wall.
Spray unit allows for the shower to be used both as a fixed-position shower head and as a hand-held shower.
Wheelchair accessible room with a bed height that is not more than 23” maximum.
Wheelchair accessible room bed that either has an open frame or can be elevated to allow for use of a transfer lift.
Adapted accessible room on the ground floor.
Visual emergency alarm.
Staff orientation available.
Restaurant offers vibrating pagers, or send a message via text or an App to alert guests when their table is ready.
Staff will read the menu if requested.
Indoor dining area has wheelchair accessible tables with clearance of 34” high maximum x 30” wide x 19” deep and have 27” minimum knee clearance with no barrier underneath.

Accessibility Info

  • Accessible Car Parking
  • Accessible Van Parking
  • Service Animal Relief Area
Deaf/Hearing Loss
  • Nonverbal Dining Alerts
  • Accessible Entrance
  • Accessible Outdoor Seating
  • Accessible Rooms
  • Accessible Public Restroom
  • Staff Orientation Available
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