Foxey Brown Trail


39 Airport Rd
Piseco, NY 12139

This trail is an ode to the infamous hermit and guide Foxey Brown, whose hermitage was located about 6-miles north of Piseco. Historically, the Speculator Chamber of Commerce sponsored cross-country ski races here, but until recently the trail was not used very often. It is open to the public and there is no charge.


How to get there

The Foxey Brown Trail is located at the Piseco Airport. Drive southwest from the crossroads in Speculator on Route 8 for 8.9 miles. Turn right onto Old Piseco Road and go 1.95 miles to the entrance of the airport. Turn right and parking is available in the lot. The sign-in kiosk / trailhead is located to the right of the airport building. 


By the numbers

  • The trail is 6.2 miles long
  • Elevation gain: minimal



Foxey Brown was an Adirondack outlaw, hermit, and guide. His real name was David Brennan. In 1890, Brennan fled his Boston home because he was involved in a barroom fight and was convinced he killed a man. In the Adirondacks, he became a lumberjack, and then hermit and guide. He changed his name in hopes of avoiding run-ins with law enforcement. Over the years, Foxey Brown became a notable hunting and fishing guide, avid outdoorsman, and Adirondack legend. His story is one of human resilience and transformation.

The Piseco Lake Association worked together with DEC and rehabbed the Foxey Brown trail throughout 2020. The trail has been brushed and cleared, new signage has been installed and trail markers every quarter of a mile. One of the biggest repairs was the replacement of a 25-foot bridge, including a lookout with a bench making a great spot to rest, relax, and have a picnic. 


Cross-country skiing

There are variations in the grade, but for the most part, the trail is perfectly level. It is perfect for cross-country skiing, but would be a fine snowshoe as well.



This is a great trail for a mellow hike. The ecology and environment along the path is interesting and charming.

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