Big Bay

Big Bay

Big Bay is simply a widening of the Piseco Outlet. This widening, however, not only gets you access to Piseco Lake, it is an excellent paddling destination in itself for a relaxing paddle and some birding opportunities.

How to Get There

From the intersection of Route 8 and Route 10 in Piseco, follow Route 10 toward Canada Lake. Continue for just over 1 mile to the launch area for Piseco Outlet.


To get into the bay you will need to head west, upstream. Do not paddle east, a small dam will block your way. At first the waterway is a bit narrow but soon opens up to a small pond area. Continuing west you will come to where the outlet narrows and slowly exits from Piseco Lake. The nice thing about this area is that very few boats that are motor equipped will make their way down this far. Several small brassy and marshy areas along e southern and western shores make for excellent birding opportunities.

Type of Launch

Grassy gentle slope

Type of Carry

100 feet or so; you will need to cross Route 10 from the parking area for easier access to the water.

Type of Water

We sheltered from heavy winds; small motor boats may be around, but very few.

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