Cedar River Flow - Moose River Plains

Cedar River Flow - Moose River Plains

Cedar River Flow is tucked in the mountains far from the main road. Several sites are by the outlet dam. Isolated wilderness sites are located along the shoreline and up the narrow inlet.

About 40 miles of seasonal dirt roads traverse the Moose River Plains Wild Forest from Cedar River Flow to Inlet. Other old roads and paths branch off the main road and lead to lakes or rivers. Designated camping areas are found along several of the main roads. A brochure on the area is available from the DEC. The area opens to vehicles in the spring after the mud has receded.

On the Flow, paddlers should see Common Loon, Mallard, Hooded and Common Mergansers, Osprey, Herring Gull, and — both of them noisy birds — Pied-billed Grebe and Common Snipe. Red-tailed Hawks and Common Ravens nest at the northwest of the Flow and are seen using the air currents there.

On the river, it's approximately 3 miles to the lean-to on the right bank of the river. Paddle a little farther before running into beaver dams and small rapids. Along the river are hardwoods on the left and a bog on the right, which provides the chance to see and hear many different birds including Olive-sided Flycatchers, Gray Jays, and Boreal Chickadees. Jays frequent the lean-to, where they find plenty of handouts. Wood warblers are common on the left and Northern Parula and Palm Warblers are sometimes seen.


From the intersection of Route 28 and Cedar River Road in Indian Lake, follow Cedar River Road 12 miles. The flow has a rather large meadow parking area near the dam and car top boat access.


An 8-mile loop paddle down the flow.

This is a 5- or 6-hour trip for most paddlers.

Winter Overview

The winter road is for snowmobiles only and is usually closed until Memorial Day weekend.

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