Jennings Park Pond


Main Street
Long Lake, NY 12847

Jennings Park Pond gets few paddlers due to the popularity of Long Lake, a very close neighbor, with only a sand bar separating the two. This is a very placid little pond, worthy of many more visitors. Several islands add plenty of scenic interest.

You could even stop by the Long Lake Diner for lunch; it also rests on the shore of Jennings Park Pond.

Getting there

From the 3-way intersection in the Hamlet of Long Lake follow Route 30 toward Tupper Lake. The Long Lake Diner will be soon on the left. You can launch off the grassy area here if you please, but don't use the diner's parking lot. The best launch is along Main Street across from the public beach, just about 1-mile further up the road.


Jennings Park Pond, while prominent for Route 30, looks to just be part of Long Lake, except it sits about 10-feet higher than the lake. The shores and sandbar on any given nice summer day will be dotted with fisherman trying to catch a healthy brook trout, only a couple paddlers might be seen. Two islands rest in the center of the pond; both are very interesting breaks in the body of water worthy of a short visit. The big island as you will notice gets a fair bit of traffic. The launch is grassy and well-graded.

Jennings Park Pond is a calm body of water; even horrible weather doesn't seem to upset this body of water. Most of the shore is private but along the eastern shore and the sandbar you can get out to stretch your legs.

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