Lows Lake/Bog River Flow


Long Lake, NY 12847

Note: Access to Lows Lower Dam will be closed for the 2023 season. For further information, and the latest from the DEC on Lows Lower Dam access, check the Bog River Complex page. Just getting into Lows Lake is an adventure.


From the lower dam, this 11-mile paddle, with one short carry at the upper dam, traverses a beautiful narrow waterway. The wide expanse of Lows Lake then opens up with marshes to the south and a backdrop of rugged mountains to the north. Islands and bays provide refuge when it's windy. There are 39 designated campsites. For the ambitious, a three-mile carry at the west end of the lake leads to the Upper Oswegatchie River. Your reward is huge white pines, vast wilderness, and an 18-mile downstream cruise to Inlet.

Getting there

Primary public access to the area is by a short gravel road off State Route 421 to Lows Lower Dam, where a canoe may be launched. This road may be gated in the spring to protect it during frost-out. Alternate canoe access is available at Horseshoe Lake Outlet.

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