Shaw Pond

Shaw Pond

Shaw Pond does not get much use in the way of paddlers, but on occasion you will see a lone canoe resting atop its waters. While the launch is a bit tough due to its lack of use, once you are on the water you will have a totally new appreciation. Even with the pond located so close to the road, it's easy to get away from the hum.

How to Get There

From the 3-way intersection in the Hamlet of Long Lake follow Route 28N toward Newcomb. Continue for just over 1 mile to the parking area for Shaw Pond on the left.


The main launch area, even though not designated as such, is on the north end of the pond. There is a small pull-off/parking area directly across the road. Once on the water there are some smaller fingers that are worth exploring. There are narrows on the western end of the pond, but a small beaver dam blocks access to its entire length. If you are a birder, be sure to bring your binoculars and camera, this area is loaded with numerous varieties of song birds and water fowl.

Type of Launch

Steep, with no discernible path, slightly shallow and narrow

Type of Carry

Crosses Route 28N and is over a guardrail, 100-150 feet in distance

Type of Water

Shaw Pond is a very shallow with calm waters, the main body of water and has thick vegetation in areas, but an attractive paddle for those wishing to do a little bird watching.

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