South Pond

South Pond

South Pond is a slightly hidden pond whose charm gets little visitors. This is a great place to start if you want a short half-day paddle, a relaxing afternoon, or if you are a beginner and would like an uncrowded spot.

How to Get There

Start by following Route 28N/30 from Long Lake toward Blue Mountain Lake. There is a large parking area on the right about 2-miles past North Point Road. This parking area looks more like a rest stop, but it serves as both. The South Pond is located there behind the parking area through the trees. A secondary launch just before the parking are can also be used.


From the parking area there is a very steep path that drops down over a hillside. This will lead you to the shore of South Pond. South Pond is an excellent destination for a serene outing with outstanding wildlife potential. Listen for the faint call of a loon or the loud cackle of the pileated woodpecker. Small islands also dot the southern end of the pond making for some interesting areas to paddle around. Rock outcroppings and a small beach give this small pond a little bit more added appeal.

Type of Launch

Shoreline launch with shallow water and easy access

Type of Carry

Steep downhill to a forest trail, roughly 0.1 miles in total

Type of Water

This is a fairly well sheltered pond where wind is not much of an issue, but on occasion the wind can shift direction and whip up waves.

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