Gravel Cycling

Gravel cycling in Hamilton County 

In Hamilton County, there’s no shortage of unique gravel riding trails available, the region is brimming with gravel trails of all kinds, from winding wooded routes to lakeside vistas. Gravel cycling is the popular choice for many on their biking journeys, blending the fun of on and off roading, with the needed tact to maneuver new terrain. Experience gravel trails around the region and find unique experiences. Wind through exhilarating trails, sit at the lake for a picnic, and witness historic Great Camps local to Hamilton County. Wherever you are on the trails, you’re sure to find picturesque scenes that reward every level of cyclist. 

Perfect for every level

Hamilton County offers variations of multiple trails, offering a stunning ride for the experts and beginners alike. For beginner riders, the Great Camp Sagamore gravel route is the perfect way to introduce yourself to gravel cycling, while witnessing a historic Great Camp in all its glory. Discover the grounds and learn about the Adirondacks' rich history of the Gilded Age. Intermediate and experienced riders will enjoy the Great Camp Uncas and Sagamore route, taking riders on the shores of Raquette Lake and into another historic Great Camp of the region. For more lake views, any rider will enjoy the Little Tupper Lake route, the perfect setting for a mid-ride snack and photo-op. 

A group of cyclists ride on a gravel path.
A wood cabin with rustic red trim on the sides with a green yard surrounding it.
A wooden bridge over a stream leading into the forest.
A lake and marshland viewed from a gravel trail.

Ride with Gratitude 

We invite you to take the Ride with Gratitude pledge and live out the principles that help make our trails accessible and here for good. 

1. Respect this gift

Riding trails on public or private lands is a gift, not a right. That hiker we just passed? She might own the land we’re riding on. With every ride, let’s remember to be grateful for the landowners and others who make it possible.

2. Protect nature

Enjoy nature, don’t ruin it. Keep on the trails. Erosion is our single highest impact when we’re out riding. Skidding causes erosion. Cutting corners can cut off access. Riding muddy trails messes it up for everyone. If we see animals, don’t bother them, remember them. Pick up trash, pack it out, carpool here and back.

3. Care for others 

We share the trails with others, and they have the same rights and responsibilities as each of us. If someone needs help, we help. If someone needs encouragement, we share our enthusiasm. And if it’s going to make the situation better, we dismount. Be nice, yield to others, and give a smile.

4. Be the example

We know our limits, and we ride within them. Beyond the ride, let’s park where we’re supposed to keep the tunes to a dull roar, and leave the IPAs for après somewhere else. Reckless behavior? A simple, polite call out will do.

Package Blank

1105 Sagamore Rd
Raquette Lake, NY 13436
Experience a historic ride Take a great ride from one gorgeous lake to another and travel back in time to the Gilded Age.
A road sign for
1105 Sagamore Rd
Raquette Lake, NY 13436
Cycle through the shores of history  A great ride on a fast dirt road takes you back to the shores of Raquette Lake and on to a historic great camp.
A wooden bridge leading to a wooded trail.
901C Sabattis Rd, Long Lake, NY 12847
Long Lake, NY 12847
Choose your adventure on this ride Rough asphalt and smooth gravel take you to a scenic lake, and the location of an historic forest fire.
An open gravel trail on a spring day.