Scenic Hikes

Woods, ponds and lake hiking 

Some of the best hiking in the Adirondacks can be found along our scenic paths. Hamilton County, the heart of the Adirondacks, has trails that lead their way around pristine ponds, crystal lakes, and abundant wilderness to be explored. Many of these hikes and trails are family-friendly, perfect for kids as they traditionally provide a wider path with less steep areas and need for scrambling. Browse our Adirondack hike and path listings below to discover opportunities for a beautiful new adventure!

Leave No Trace

The magic of the Adirondacks is the result of previous generations taking a long view and protecting the mountains, lakes, and rivers within the Blue Line. That tradition continues today as we support and encourage everyone to practice Leave No Trace ethics, which help protect the lands and waters of the Adirondacks. 

The best way to cement your legacy is to pledge to always protect the wild lands and waters of the Adirondacks by practicing Leave No Trace ethics and good stewardship.


Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12812
Cascade and Stephens ponds are two beautiful gems in the Blue Ridge Wilderness. In any season, you'll find peaceful forests and pristine waters. If you're lucky, you'll catch a glimpse of an otter; they've been known to frequent these parts.
Cascade Pond
Indian Lake, NY 12842
John Pond is a scenic destination in the Siamese Ponds Wilderness. This relatively flat trail through an Adirondack Wilderness Area ends at a lean-to, the perfect place to rest on the shore of John Pond.
A close-up view of a dirt trail and grass on either side
Inlet, NY 13360
The trail to Sis and Bubb lakes is very pleasant and suitable for families. Stunning views await those who take this short walk.