An Upper Hudson Recreation Hub Bae-cation

A UHRH-date 

It can be easy to feel cooped up and stuck in the weather this season. In the Adirondacks, we love to play in the snow, but the cozy vibes of our homes always call us back into our own mini-hibernations. If you’re starting to feel the tell-tale symptoms of cabin fever with your partner, it might be time for the two of you to get out of Dodge, and into your own private winter getaway! Swap date-night this winter for an unforgettable date-weekend, or week. In the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub (UHRH) you’ll find the perfect balance of wintry outdoor adventures, delicious craft beer and fine dining, and maybe a chance to do all the couple things you can’t do in the city; snowmobiling anyone? Cozy up in your own winter hideout, and relish in some well deserved PTO. If you’re in need of some ideas for your next getaway with your beau, we’ve got the perfect itinerary for you!

four people snowmobile on a snowy trail.

Bright and early 

While the plan is to relax, this is an adventure-cation, so no slacking! In the UHRH, snowmobiling is king in winter. Stop at any restaurant around and you’ll see thirty different Ski-Doos lined up in their own makeshift parking lot. The region is completely interwoven with snowmobile trails, whatever your level of expertise, there’s a trail that will instantly transport you to winter fun. Because most of our towns are snowmobile-friendly, you can take a snowmobile to practically anywhere you want to go! Visit an art gallery, go to a concert, or simply rendezvous together for some comfort food at any of the restaurants around.

a small plate of steak and potatoes with a glass of red wine.

Dig in

Ok, it wouldn’t be a couple’s getaway without an elegant dining experience. I didn’t forget! Book a dinner for two at the Long View Lodge in Long Lake. Restored to its original Adirondack-style glory, the Longview Lodge brings diners back to authentic American cuisine with a fantastic dining experience. While you wait, take a break in the lodge’s recreation room; with a pristine sitting area, shuffle board, and roaring fireplace. The ambiance for a romantic dinner is perfectly set, so take your seats!

A woman ties her hiking boots at the foot of a rustic bed.

Putting the glam in glamping

If you haven’t heard, glamping is a new phenomenon for nature lovers everywhere. In a seamless blend of comfort and breathtaking Adirondack nature, you’ll be able to rest your head right in the heart of the Adirondack mountains, without the frigid outdoor temperatures. Lake Harris Lodge in Newcomb offers 4 season glamping cabins, for whenever you decide to visit. While you might not be able to settle into their canvas-covered cabins at the moment, Lake Harris Lodge has a plethora of lodging options to fit your comfort level. And if your tummies are growling, head up the property to the Lake Harris Lodge restaurant for some exquisite dining that takes your glamping experience to the next level.

a man sips on a drink next to a slice of pizza and a paradox brewery IPA.

A sip before you go

Wait, don't go anywhere! Before you pack your bags and hit the road, there’s just one last stop you have to make to round out your trip. Paradox Brewery in North Hudson is a must-stop destination on your itinerary. This craft-brewery has it all;  a wide open tasting room, its own craft brewhouse, a hoard of IPA’s to be tasted, and food specials every week. If you haven’t been hooked yet, the company also offers ice cream to go with the malt in your hand as you indulge in the flavors. Their cans in my opinion are what seal the deal. Every individual IPA has its own unique design, which makes each can addicting to hold. Well, maybe I’m just a sucker for aesthetic drinks, but you’ll appreciate all the love and care that goes into this amazing brewery when you visit!

two people snowmobile out of town.

Best. Date. Ever.

By the time you finally get on the road, you’ll be planning your next trip back to the UHRH. The region is perfect for adventurous couples looking for a getaway outside of the box and into nature! Every season in the UHRH brings all new sights and things to do, so check back every season for more to explore. And while you wait, discover all the new businesses, sights, and restaurants you’ll visit when you come back. We’ll see you soon!