A Weekend at Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center

A weekend at Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center

We’re getting to that time of winter where everything starts to slow down. Businesses may be taking a break after the holiday season, school is back in session, and the dreariness of dark days is fully upon us. Luckily, there's still fun to be had here in the ADK’s, especially at Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center. A cross-country skier's paradise, Lapland Lake offers a beautiful escape from the winter blues, while mixing in fresh skiing and memorable lodging. 

A couple sits by a fireplace in a cozy lodge.

Friday- Check in

Whether this is a solo trip or a family bonding exercise, the possibilities for lodging work in your favor. Stay on the trails and come and go by ski as you please! Lapland Lake is trail focused, so wherever you stay, you’ll have complete access to the private trail systems. And if your muscles start to get sore from all that skiing and snowshoeing, have no fear. There is tubing and ice skating also available onsite to give your new athletic form a break. 

Three cross-country skiers race on a snow path.


Start out the weekend with some lessons to prepare you for the miles of trail you’ll face. Perfect for beginners or just as an introduction to your ski-filled weekend, Lapland Lake’s professional ski instructors (PSIA) certified Ski School offers full lessons for beginners, or for the expert looking to refine their technique! With a capable and knowledgeable group of instructors, you’ll be upright and gliding through the snow in no time. Make sure to reserve your preferred lesson experience in advance, with private or shared group lessons available when you arrive.

a man helps a woman select ski gear.

To ski, or not to ski

If you simply agreed to come to Lapland Lake as a courtesy for your more adventurous outdoor friends, have no fear. There’s enjoyable and relaxing activities just in store off the trails. If your balancing skills aren’t suited to two skis or snowshoes, try kick-sledding! Kick-sledding is a thrilling blend of skiing and sledding combined for double the fun. Sit on the seat at the front of the sled as your sledding partner pushes off the snow to rest on two skis (think of a dog sled with no dogs). See where your adventures take you as you glide across the snow. 

A food counter with a chalkboard menu on the wall and restaurant machinery.


After a day of adventuring, we all get pretty hangry. No need to start foraging out in the wilderness however, Kuuma Feeding Station’s got it covered. Located on the second floor of the Finnish Line Lodge, the service offers sandwiches and quick grab-and-go snacks, as well as catered dinners for overnight travelers. Catered dinners can be ordered in advance, and before you even get to your lodging, your dinners will be placed in your fridge with proper reheating instructions.

Two skiers ski on a frozen lake.

If you like it, put a season pass on it

If the tears are starting to fall as you look at Lapland Lake behind you, there’s no need to fret! Turn the car around and ski again and again, all season long. Season passes are available in all different forms of lovely packages. Choose from youth/young adult passes, adult passes,  and family passes, everyone can experience a Lapland Lake winter. These passes also include 10% off at the Finnish Line ski shop and a one-time “bring a friend” facility-use coupon. Recruit your fellow skiers far and wide and enjoy Lapland Lake together!

A skier selects skis from an outdoor rack.

Get to Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center stat

The trails are calling, the snow is falling, where are you? Come to Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center for endless skiing, fun, food, and sweet winter memories. While you're in the area, don't forget to do some shopping, read up on your history, and refuel before the journey home.