Snowmobile Resources

Ready, set, snow!

Hamilton County, with miles and miles of trails passing through forests, over icy lakes, and through scenic small towns, is a great place to snowmobile. If you're looking for info about where to go, park, eat, and more, you're in the right place. Let's ride!

A rider on a snowmobile passes a snowy landscape and mountain.

The coolest app you'll ever need

To better help you plan your trips, download the Adirondacks, USA Snowmobile App. With an interactive map and all the information you need to know to navigate snowy trails and find gas stations, stores, restaurants, and lodging properties, this app is your "one-stop shop" for all things snowmobile! Download today on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

Frequently asked (and incredibly useful!) questions

Where do I gas up?

Excellent question! This is an important one, as running out of gas out on the trail is inconvenient and can be dangerous in poor weather. The Adirondacks, USA snowmobile app shows gas stations where you can fuel up both yourself and your sled. Every town in Hamilton County has at least one option that is close to the trails.

Are there trail fees?

For the most part, no! Most trails in Hamilton County are free to ride. You do need a permit to ride the trails in Inlet and Old Forge. The permits are available for a week or a whole season!

I'm from out of state. Do I have to register in New York?

Yes! New York requires out of state snowmobiles to have New York registration and insurance. To obtain your registration and learn more, please contact:

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, Hamilton County
County Office Building
P.O. Box 204, Route 8
Lake Pleasant, NY 12108
Phone: (518) 548-7111

I’m new to snowmobiling. Can I rent a sled to try it out?

Definitely. Snowmobiling is a lot of fun, but it can take an investment of time, money, and you have to move your sled from place to place. To make things easier, or to simply try it out, rentals are a great solution. In Hamilton County, rentals can be found at:

Village Motorsports in Speculator

Can I get a map?

Of course! We have a few options for you. Before you go, download the Adirondacks, USA snowmobile app. This useful tool shows you trails, restaurants, and filling stations, and can be downloaded to your phone for offline use when you don't have service. The app is available for You can also request a map and we'll mail it to you for free!

The interior of a snowmobile shop, displaying snowmobiles, apparel, and accessories.

Park and ride

You've got your sled, a trailer, and you are super ready. So, where do you park and ride? We are so glad you asked! Check out this list of spots to park, ride, and enjoy.

  • Indian Lake
    • Pelon Road parking area
    • Benton Road parking area
  • Inlet
    • Arrowhead Park on Route 28
  • Long Lake
    • Lake Eaton Campground entrance
    • Owls Head Trailhead lot, off Endion Road
    • Northville Placid trailhead lot, Route 28N and Tarbell Road
    • NYS boat launch, Dock Road
    • Mt. Sabattis Recreation Area
    • Route 30 snowmobile parking lot (don't worry, there is a sign!)
  • Morehouse
    • Rec Center Drive, off Route 8
  • Raquette Lake
    • Municipal lot by Raquette Lake Supply
  • Speculator
    • Speculator ball field
    • Blister Brook parking area, Route 30
    • Perkins Clearing parking area, Route 30
    • Mason Lake parking area, Route 30
    • There are two pull-offs on Route 30, just south of Speculator, one on each side of the road
  • Wells
    • Large lot right across from the Wells Edge Country Store on Route 30

Trail conditions

We know that trail conditions are one of the most important pieces for you to make your riding plans. For the most up to date information on trail conditions and snow totals, explore the websites run by the individual towns. These are updated regularly by riders who live and ride right there!

Snowmobile tracks extend to the horizon on a snowy, frozen lake under a bright blue sky.

Snowmobile clubs

There are a lot of reasons to join a club, from meeting friendly new riders to getting insider info on trails to saving money on your state registration! New York state requires any out-of-state sled to carry NYS registration and insurance, but proof of membership in a NYS Snowmobile Club results in a $50 discount on registration. Club membership is your gateway to finding fun rides, special events, and even ways to give back to the trails.

Snowmobile vacation amenities

Find cozy lodging on or near trails, friendly Adirondack restaurants and taverns, and plenty of people who love snowmobiles and the people who ride them. Ride miles of unplowed seasonal roads and woodland trails that wind beside rivers through majestic forests. Panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains appear at every turn.

Annual snowmobile events in our local towns are always fun and a great opportunity to celebrate winter and the joy of riding. You won't want to miss out!

Choose your loop!

We have loops in all directions from these starting places:

Speculator: north to Indian Lake, south to Wells, west to Piseco and beyond

Indian Lake: Moose River Plains, west to Raquette Lake, northwest to Long Lake, northeast to Newcomb

Long Lake: north to Tupper Lake, east to Newcomb, northwest to Cranberry Lake

Inlet*: Moose River Plains, west to Old Forge and Tug Hill

(*Permit required)

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