Why You Should Drop Everything and Go Whitewater Rafting

It may still seem far away, but summer is fast approaching. Now, as our rivers begin to unthaw, is the perfect time to start planning warmer weather activities. In between BBQs and trips to the lake, don’t forget to pencil in some time for adventure. For those who are looking for a trip that will make everyone jealous of your summer plans, we recommend whitewater rafting! Here’s why….


1. You can be one with nature

Let’s be honest, how many of us spend our days glued to screens or in windowless rooms from 9 to 5? We should experience more nature than the fleeting glimpses we get on the internet. Rafting is a great way to put all the craziness behind and unplug for awhile. No cell phones (you don’t want to lose yours in the river!). No computers. No internet, no 4G. On the raft you’ll be surrounded by Adirondack beauty. This is a time to reset and immerse yourself into nature. Aside from scenic wonders, this is also a good opportunity to see wildlife. From craggy, rock gorge walls to bald eagles, nature abounds on rafting trips. Hey, maybe you’ll see the elusive moose, too!

2. You get to spend time with friends and family

Time spent with loved ones is indeed time well spent. While whitewater rafting you’ll create awesome memories that will last a lifetime, whether you’re with your family or bachelor party. When you’re on the river, you have to work with others on your raft to conquer rapids and keep from tipping over. This is the chance to strengthen bonds. Plus, when you get back to shore, you’ll probably be primed with lots of new stories and jokes.

3. It’s good for your health!

Is there a better feeling than crawling into bed after a fun day on the water? We promise that after a day of whitewater rafting you’ll have no problem falling asleep, and it’s likely you’ll drift off with a smile on your face remembering the fun and sun. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring! Rowing or paddling helps strengthen arm muscles, and you’ll have to be conscious of balance throughout your trip. On top of that, whitewater rafting is a great way to de-stress. A healthy dose of clean air and sunshine will wash your stress away as the waves bounce off the side off the raft and you make your way downriver. Maybe it’s time to call in "sick" and go whitewater rafting. Tell your boss it’s for your health.

4. Go for an old fashioned adventure steeped in history

Whitewater rafting definitely gets your adrenaline pumping. It’s a wild ride, but one you won’t soon forget. There is something inherently thrilling about navigating rapids. We all need adventure in our lives. Did you know whitewater rafting can be traced back to 1811? This was the year of the first recorded trip on the Snake River, which flows through Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The first commercial rafting companies didn’t emerge until the 1960s and 70s, though. If you come to the Adirondacks to raft, you’ll be joining a long history of rafting thrill-seekers and explorers. Don’t worry - whitewater rafting has come a long way since 1811: raft designs have been perfected and your guide will outfit your crew with helmets and life preservers and other necessary equipment (maybe even lunch!).

5. You can face your fears head on

There is nothing like finishing a whitewater rafting run through the Adirondack wilderness! Something about it will give you an unbeatable sense of accomplishment and boost your self esteem. But we understand that rafting can be scary. It might not be difficult, but it’s a new experience, and one that isn’t often faced in everyday life. Put your trepidation aside while you step out of your comfort zone. End the day feeling proud. That’s what it’s all about, right? If you want to ease into rafting, late summer or early fall is typically a quieter time on the river, while spring brings higher waters and added excitement. 

It’s time you experienced whitewater rafting in the Adirondacks! This is a place with small towns and big outdoors. Whether you’re looking to try a new restaurant or venture into new, wild territory, there is adventure around every corner.

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