How to Visit the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub, Fall-foliage Style!

How to hit the road with Adirondack Wayfinder

My grandpa adored planning road trips. Really, really loved it, to the point that everything was planned: when to leave, where to stop for breakfast, what time to get back on the road, when and where to stop for lunch, and on and on for the whole trip. Before a trip it would seem charming, even amusing, but then by the end of the trip you just really wanted to do something spontaneous for once in your life. One of Grandpa's favorite tools was going (yes, physically driving) to AAA to get one of their famous TripTiks made. This involved, or at least seemed to me to involve, a map with highlighted pieces, a list of directions, and who knows what else that he could fiddle with while driving 55mph on a winding highway. Nowadays, technology has changed and although I think you can still get TripTiks, I'm personally a massive fan of Adirondack Wayfinder.

In case you didn't know, Wayfinder is a curated series of road trips, with neat themes like foliage, roadside birding, waterfalls, dining, and breweries. You can add related stops, like lodging and shopping, and even set the map to start anywhere you like, such as your own home. Easily export the map to your phone or tablet, share with your road trip partner, and head out on the road. Wayfinder is a great tool for a fall road trip, for a few days away among the stunning fall foliage of the Adirondacks and the beautiful sights and fun destinations in the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub, a scenic collection of five unique, wonderful small towns linked by roads, scenery, and adventure. Our roads are great for views, for taking it easy, and taking your time over a hard cider at a lakeside restaurant. Let's go!

Looking straight down a narrow lake, with fall foliage and forests on either side.
Fall views in Long Lake

Upper Hudson Recreation Hub - Meet the towns

What better way to explore a new place than by making a loop through the towns? Each town in the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub has something special to offer: from access to the High Peaks to scenic paddling, historic lodging to retro dining, delicious craft brews, and special fall events. You can even take a float plane ride to get a bird's eye view of the fall scenery!

A blue floatplane on a lake with fall foliage.
Take a scenic flight in Long Lake!
A woman holds a glass of cold beer at a rustic wooden bar.
Paradox Brewery in North Hudson.
An aerial view of the village of Schroon Lake.
Fall in Schroon Lake.
Antiques at an outdoor display in fall.
The annual Indian Lake Antiques Show.

Motorcycle Touring

I don't know that my grandfather ever went on a motorcycle trip, but if he did, I bet he would have loved one in the Adirondacks! A motorcycle tour through the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub offers unique stops, such as a buffalo ranch in North Hudson, waterfalls in Long Lake, nature trails at the Adirondack Interpretive Center, and a classic motorcycle bar full of cool memorabilia for every bike fan in Minerva.

Waterfalls on a river surrounded by fall foliage.
Buttermilk Falls in Long Lake.
The interior of a rustic saloon with walls and ceiling decorated in signs, motorcycle parts, and more.
Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon
The Adirondack Interpretive Center in Newcomb.
A bison grazes on a field in front of a low ridge of hills with fall foliage.
The Adirondack Buffalo Company in North Hudson.

Explore more!

Fall road trips in Hamilton County and the Upper Hudson Recreation Hub sound pretty tempting, right? Scenic byways and picturesque local roads wind their way over hills and mountains, around lakes, along rivers, and past historic sites. On each route, you'll find locations along the road that you can't help but stop at. And you know? You can and you should. That's the point of a road trip. It's you, your favorite travel partner, and the open road. I'd like to think that if my Grandpa were here, he'd love Wayfinder. It makes road trips easy, exciting, and fun to plan.

This fall, enjoy amazing fall adventures, cozy meals, and small-town, big fun towns! You just might find yourself making even more road trip plans with Wayfinder!