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The Taming of the Shrewd Gray Jay

Author:Joan Collins
Camp Robber, Whiskey Jack, and Canada Jay are but a few of the endearing nicknames used to describe a Gray Jay (Perisoreus Canadensis). A member of the corvid family, which in our area also includes...

Extreme Pond Hockey

Author:Michelle Clement
When you think of pond hockey, you probably picture a handful of kids shoveling off a small patch of ice in order to hit a puck around with beaten equipment and makeshift goals. In Inlet, NY, when...

Cellar Mountain - A bushwhack in the West Canada Lake Wilderness

Author:Spencer Morrissey
My buddy Jim and I have this crazy obsession with trail-less peaks and we are always looking for new places to explore and new terrain to break trail on. This week our eyes focused on the Indian Lake...

Sleds, Beer, Cold Pizza: Just One Of The Guys

A Girl In Boy's Clothing Ok - so I'm not exactly the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing, but this week I am trying to be one of the guys. You know, I am trying to be laid-back and just go with the...

An Adirondack winter outing; Snowshoeing the Sagamore Lake Loop

An Adirondack winter outing: Snowshoeing the Sagamore Lake Loop A Winter Carnival Event This outing was an event planned by the Great Camp Sagamore as part of the Long Lake/Raquette Lake Winter...

Plan The Ultimate Guys Snowmobile Getaway

Boys Trip to the 'DAKS! Tis' the season for shopping, in-laws coming to visit, and corporate holiday parties. Having the kids bouncing off the walls from all of the overstimulating holiday activity...

Goodnow Mountain - Looking back on a sunset hike

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Goodnow Mountain - Looking back on a sunset hike Have you ever had one of those days where you just needed to get outside and leave everything inside behind? Inside your head I mean. You know that...

Wonderful Early Winter Events!

As we say farewell to 2014 - and welcome in 2015 - there are a variety of events and activities that are sure to catch your attention! Do you like to participate in an event, or are you a great...

Chain Lakes Road South Opens to Public

Many new recreational opportunities are now available to the public with the newly opened Chain Lakes Road South access in Indian Lake. This region spans parts of the Blue Mountain Wild Forest, Pine...

Gluten Free in the Back-Country

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Nutrition on the Trail: Gluten Free Snacks for the Back-Country First off what's gluten? A substance present in certain grains, especially wheat, it is a mixture of two proteins; it causes illness in...


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