Safe Hiking During Hunting Season

Hike safely during hunting season in Hamilton County

About to embark on a fall hike? Great! While the trails are extra beautiful this time of year, it’s important to be aware of who you’re sharing the trails with. During our most colorful transition period in the Adirondacks, hunting season also takes place across the regions. When it comes to enjoying nature during hunting season, safety is paramount. We've got you covered with essential tips and information that will ensure your hikes are peaceful and risk-free.

Hiking during hunting season safety tips 

The well-being of both hikers and hunters depends on everyone recreating safely. This time of year brings unique challenges and risks that require careful consideration and adherence to safety measures. Here's what to know before you go: 

  • Know the season: Be aware of hunting seasons and regulations in your area.

  • Wear bright colors: Dress in blaze orange or other highly visible colors to be seen by hunters.

  • Stay on trails: Stick to established hiking trails to avoid wandering into hunting zones.

  • Make noise: Be vocal and use a bell or whistle to alert hunters to your presence.

  • Avoid dusk/dawn: Hike during daylight hours and avoid early morning or late evening when hunting is more common.

  • Pets leashed: Keep pets on a leash and in bright colors.

  • Communication: Inform someone of your hiking plans and expected return time.

  • Respect hunters: Be courteous to hunters you encounter and avoid disrupting their activities.

  • Research: Check local hunting maps and websites for specific rules and areas to avoid.

Hikers and hunters alike can enjoy the Hamilton County trails together! Being aware of who you’re sharing the trails with can keep everyone safe and on their merry way to exploring the region with ease. Explore nature with confidence, knowing you have the knowledge and resources to stay safe during hunting season. For more information on safe hiking, visit our hiking page.

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6123 NYS rte 28
Indian Lake, NY 12842
A true Adirondack Country Store, Pines has nearly everything you might need. Adirondack gifts, t-shirts, candles, camping gear, fishing gear, household supplies and more!
Moose River Plains Wild Forest
Inlet, NY 13360
The Moose River Plains Wild Forest is part of the 80,000 acre Moose River Plains Complex, a collection of public lands crossed by more than 40 miles of old dirt logging roads.
Rondaxe Road
Inlet, NY 13360
A developing mountain biking trail network that branches out from Old Forge can be found here! 
Moose River Plains Wild Forest
Inlet, NY 13360
Located in the Moose River Plains Wild Forest off of Rock Dam Road, this access offers good, low-country hunting around the backside of Mount Tom. It's a narrow, little-used path, but it's worth the effort.
Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12812
Cascade and Stephens ponds are two beautiful gems in the Blue Ridge Wilderness. In any season, you'll find peaceful forests and pristine waters. If you're lucky, you'll catch a glimpse of an otter; they've been known to frequent these parts.
Cascade Pond
Raquette Lake, NY 13436
This interesting loop around Sagamore Lake starts and ends at the Great Camp Sagamore. Many of the trails around the Great Camp are open to the public, which visitors do not realize.
Piseco, NY 12139
This is a very popular hike located near Piseco, NY, with easy terrain. The trail to this popular destination is well worn and occasionally steep.
New York State Route 10
Arietta, NY ‎12139
First, there is a level walk on a marked trail to Good Luck Lake. A small backtrack to an unmarked trail leads up a short steep climb, then an open ledge with fantastic views.
Indian Lake, NY 12842
John Pond is a worthy destination in the Siamese Ponds Wilderness. This relatively flat trail through an Adirondack wilderness area ends at a lean-to, the perfect place to rest on the shore of scenic John Pond.
Lake Pleasant, NY 12108
The Nature Trail at the Hamilton County Building Complex in Lake Pleasant is a well maintained trail system. 
Inlet, NY 13360
This is a very short trail to a very small backcountry pond with a grassy shoreline. This shoreline is quite attractive and the birding opportunities are quite good. Wildlife viewing has great potential as well.
Raquette Lake, NY 13436
This interesting hike in the Raquette Lake region offers outstanding views out over three wonderful Adirondack ponds. This is an excellent half-day hike that shouldn't get overlooked.
Chain Lakes Road South
Indian Lake, NY 12842
Chain Lakes Road South allows access to a network of dirt roads and trails in parts of the Blue Mountain Wild Forest, Pine Lake Primitive Area, and Hudson Gorge Wilderness.
Many lovely pond views along the hiking trails.
Inlet, NY 13360
This is a unique loop trail that utilizes foot trails, multi-use trails, and a forest road. While the footing may be slippery and rough in places, it's an attractive walk through a mix evergreen and deciduous forest. 
Wells, NY 12190
This hike is along an old forest road, now closed to vehicular traffic. The old road weaves in and out and crosses Robbs Creek several times while working its way over rolling hills to the Siamese Ponds Wilderness.
Raquette Lake, NY 13436
This trail is only accessible by boat. In that sense, it's a unique adventure! Up for some "surf and turf" exploring? Check this out!
Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12812
This pond isn't frequently visited, offering those who do hike here a chance to find solitude. Chances are your only company will be wildlife.
Route 8/30
Speculator, NY 12164
Just a quick hike to Auger Falls along the Sacandaga River is sure to please any member of the family! Just be cautious on the steeper slopes near the falls. Take a short trip just to see the falls or go for a longer loop hike around the area.
The spring run is spectacular!