Meet: Strong Rope Taproom

Strong Rope Taproom, in Blue Mountain Lake, is a hot spot on warm summer days in the Adirondacks. The location is a satellite taproom, with the main brewery located in Brooklyn, NY. Strong Rope Taproom is located at Potters Resort, right on beautiful Blue Mountain Lake. This will be Strong Rope's third season operating in Blue Mountain Lake, opening Memorial Day weekend. With three signature beers on tap, cans and bottles to go, as well as local spirits, ciders, and wine, there is something for everyone. A barbecue food truck and a pizza food truck round out the experience at Strong Rope Taproom, making it a must visit destination!

We had a chance to chat with owner Jason Sahler and ask him a few questions about operating in Blue Mountain Lake and Strong Rope's fantastic brews.

A rustic wood bar covered by graffitied walls at Strong Rope Taproom.

Why did you get into brewing beer? 

As an avid beer drinker and homebrewer, I fell in love with the culture and history of beer. After winning my first homebrew competition I started to think about brewing as a profession. At the time New York state had just introduced the farm-brewery license which inspired me to start my own micro-brewery. 

What is your favorite kind of beer to make and why? 

Beer that uses New York ingredients. We create a variety of beer styles to showcase the different flavors available within the New York terroir (the environment in which something is produced). One of my favorite aspects of the industry is to get out to the farms and malt houses to see where the ingredients come from and the producers behind those products.

Why did you choose Blue Mountain Lake as a second taproom location? 

My family has been coming to Blue Mountain Lake and staying at Potters Resort for generations. My uncle now owns the resort and asked us if we'd be interested in opening a taproom in the old Elbow Room space. We loved the historical connection as well as featuring our beer in another New York region.

Two cans of Strong Rope beers sit on a boat on Blue Mountain Lake.

What sets the Adirondack taproom apart from the Brooklyn one?

At the Adirondack taproom we tried to integrate as much of the location's history into the space as possible and are closely connected to nature with a seasonal operation. We also don't produce any of the beer here, but instead bring it up from our Brooklyn location.

What is your favorite part of having taprooms in such different locations? 

It's great to be able to travel between the two and have different experiences and meet new people.

What is your favorite part of being in the Adirondacks? 

Enjoying the beautiful nature and appreciating the quiet that we don't often have in the city.

Close up of two cans of Strong Rope beer on a rock ledge with a lake in the background.

Will you have any Adirondack-inspired beers? 

We have an exclusive beer at the Adirondacks taproom, A Mild Journey, which is a subtle nod to the journey up from Brooklyn. It's a small brown ale inspired by traditional English mild ales that's nutty with a chocolatey roast and dry finish. We have also been playing with a few other ideas for unique Adirondack-inspired beer, keep an eye out for more information on those soon.

Close up of a man holding a Strong Rope four-pack by the shore of a lake.

This summer, make a trip to Blue Mountain Lake, and experience Strong Rope Taproom. Once you’re there you will be hard pressed to find a better place to spend summer afternoons. Renting a cabin on the lake? You can arrive to the taproom by boat or canoe to pick up beer to go. See you in Blue Mountain Lake this summer!